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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Please carefully read the following "Terms and Conditions" (hereinafter referred to as the Terms) before registering.

General provisions

1. These "Terms" are drawn up in full compliance with the rules of International law and the Rules of Record keeping.

2. Only legal-capable individuals who have reached the age of 18 can register and invest in the online program presented by the innovation and technology company Xelius Innovation Limited.

3. The registration procedure on the website of Xelius Innovation Limited is mandatory for every person who wants to become our client.

4. By registering in the online program provided by Xelius Innovation Limited, you confirm your consent and acceptance of all the points set out in these Terms.

Disclaimer of liability

1. Xelius Innovation Limited is not obliged to provide investment, tax or legal services. As well as insurance services. Any information posted on the website of Xelius Innovation Limited should not be perceived as a direct recommendation for any action. Xelius Innovation Limited will under no circumstances be liable for any damage, drawdown or loss that may arise as a result of incorrect interpretation of the content of the Xelius Innovation Limited website or due to other similar reasons.

2. Before initiating any financial and investment actions and taking part in the online program presented by Xelius Innovation Limited, carefully study these Terms and Conditions. Xelius Innovation Limited cannot be held responsible for actions that are beyond the company's control.

The procedure for investing funds and accruing interest in the online program provided by Xelius Innovation Limited

1. Each financial transaction related to the online program of Xelius Innovation Limited is a private transaction between two economic entities (hereinafter referred to as the Parties), namely: Xelius Innovation Limited on the one hand and the client on the other.

2. The Client performs financial transactions, determines the amount of investment funds deposited, as well as any other financial transactions solely independently and voluntarily, at his own discretion, taking all risks that may arise as a result of these actions. The Client also agrees that he ultimately performs all financial transactions solely at his own discretion and at his own risk.

3. The interest rate on the investments made by the client is calculated, accrued and credited to the client's account balance in accordance with the investment offer selected by the client.

4. The interest rate depends on the investment amount.

5. All calculations are made only in the currency that is available for investment and which was used by the client in a particular financial transaction.

The procedure for applying the Affiliate Program

1. To increase the number of referrals attracted, the use of SPAM technologies is strictly prohibited. If the fact of using SPAM technologies is revealed, the accounts of customers who use such technologies will be deleted without warning.

2. Multi-registrations aimed at increasing partner remunerations are prohibited.

Routine maintenance and prevention

1. Xelius Innovation Limited reserves the right to suspend or temporarily terminate the provision of services offered by the company's website without prior notice if it becomes necessary to install new or updated software, in cases of various modifications and other changes that improve the operation of the website or make its functions better. In addition, Xelius Innovation Limited may suspend the operation of the site in cases of force majeure. Including the reasons of the need to prevent hacker and DDoS attacks, as well as in cases of urgent need to install additional means of protecting the functionality or databases of the site.

2. Xelius Innovation Limited is not responsible for certain inconveniences associated with such suspensions of the site, including the cases where customer access to the site temporarily becomes completely impossible.

Privacy Policy

The personal data provided by each client is an important component of the interaction between Xelius Innovation Limited and each of our clients.

1. Any personal information provided by the client is confidential. Xelius Innovation Limited has done everything in its power to ensure that this information is reliably protected from unwanted access by third parties whose competence does not include the possession of this information. Therefore, Xelius Innovation Limited will under no circumstances transfer the provided personal data to third parties.

2. Any transaction between Xelius Innovation Limited and the client is confidential and is not subject to disclosure indefinitely. Xelius Innovation Limited guarantees complete confidentiality of all financial transactions and other business arrangements of the Parties without exception. Termination of cooperation is not a reason to disclose the details of any transaction.

3. During the interaction between Xelius Innovation Limited and the client, it may be necessary to obtain some additional information about the client. The collection, processing and storage of such information is also fully subject to the Privacy Policy of Xelius Innovation Limited and such information cannot be used in any other way except for the purposes provided in these Terms and Privacy Policy. The collection of this kind of information can be carried out by Xelius Innovation Limited only using public and publicly available sources, as well as upon request directly to the client.

4. The entire list of methods and methods for protecting the client's personal data is a commercial and technological secret of Xelius Innovation Limited and they cannot be requested by third parties under any circumstances. Also, these methods of storing and protecting information cannot be disclosed to customers for complete and absolutely reliable control of the process.

Regulation on risks

1. The client's use of the program from Xelius Innovation Limited to make a profit online is not a risky business, but only under certain circumstances. Only in the case when specialists with sufficient experience, skills, technologies and material base are engaged in this. Therefore, do not try to engage in this kind of investment yourself. We are not responsible for the consequences of such actions.

2. Any information bearing the nature of a forecast or opinion that the client can read on the Xelius Innovation Limited website is only one of the alternative opinions and cannot be interpreted by the client as an axiom or a direct call to action. We do not provide guarantees for our forecasts or other information provided on the site.

3. We are not responsible for the risks of loss of funds by the client due to failures in the operation of electronic payment systems used by him for investments in Xelius Innovation Limited, as well as due to the failure of power supply and network equipment, including Internet connection failures.

Changes to the Terms and Conditions

1. Xelius Innovation Limited reserves the right to make changes and additions to these Terms and Conditions without obtaining the consent of the client.

2. Xelius Innovation Limited undertakes to inform customers about such changes and additions in the form of news that will be published in the relevant section of the Xelius Innovation Limited website, as well as through newsletters to the e-mail addresses of customers that were used by them when registering an account with Xelius Innovation Limited.

3. All changes and additions come into force from the moment of publication of this information on the website of Xelius Innovation Limited. If any change or addition should come into force immediately from any specific date, this circumstance will be specified in this publication separately.

The procedure for using the services

1. Each client may, without restrictions, request any additional information from the support service regarding the operation of the online program provided by Xelius Innovation Limited, as well as regarding the interaction of the Parties. To do this, use any method presented on the company's website.

2. In order to avoid negative consequences, the client is obliged to be polite when communicating with the support service and request only the above additional information.

Security regulations

1. Xelius Innovation Limited understands the seriousness of the consequences that may follow as a result of a DDoS attack on the site. All over the world, this kind of cybercrime causes the most tangible damage to the work of websites, sometimes bringing irreversible negative consequences and irreparable material damage. Working with trusted customer funds, Xelius Innovation Limited cannot allow such consequences with its own website. In order to reliably protect the personal data of each client, the funds that may be on the balance of the client's account, as well as in order to maintain complete confidentiality and security of the use of databases, Xelius Innovation Limited has placed a website using technologies that provide one of the world's best technologies for protection against DDoS attacks of any kind and scale.

2. In addition to a modern and efficient DDoS protection system, the Xelius Innovation Limited website is equipped with a data transmission encryption system, which is the most advanced data encryption technology to date and prevents unauthorized interception of data that can be exchanged by Parties, third parties.

Termination of cooperation between the Parties

1. In the event of a proven fact of non-fulfillment, interpretation at its discretion or non-compliance by the client with these Conditions, any of which entailed negative consequences for the company or other clients, Xelius Innovation Limited has the full right to terminate any kind of cooperation with such client. At the same time, even the absence of negative consequences due to non-fulfillment of these Conditions cannot be a valid reason when considering a decision to terminate cooperation..

2. Termination of cooperation occurs from the moment when Xelius Innovation Limited notifies the client of such termination of cooperation in writing to his email address specified by him during account registration.


1. If any disputes arise between the Parties and there is no corresponding provision in these Conditions that can settle these disputes, the situation is resolved only through a negotiation process between the Parties without involving third parties until the full effective end. The Client cannot challenge the provisions of these Terms in court. The Client may not offer other than authentic meaning of any clause of these Terms. In cases where any provision of these Terms is determined by a court of competent jurisdiction or an arbitration body to be unenforceable in certain jurisdictions, such provision shall be deemed unenforceable in such jurisdictions.

2. Xelius Innovation Limited does not provide for full or partial compensation of funds lost by the client due to non-fulfillment of these Conditions, as well as in any other cases that may entail such consequences. The fulfillment of these Terms is binding on the Parties, regardless of what interpretation any clause of these Terms could receive from third parties who are not or are customers of Xelius Innovation Limited.

3. The Parties agree and confirm that these Terms are accepted by the Parties voluntarily and are equivalent in terms of liability for the Parties.

4. The Parties comply with International legislation within the framework of these Conditions.

5. If you do not agree with any point of these Terms, or understanding the meaning of what you read causes you some difficulties, please do not register and leave the site.