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Development of more efficient
and eco-friendly rocket fuel

20000 kg

Large payload of the carrier

180000×103 km

Increased effective range of the carrier rocket

Carrier rocket technology concept

Xelius is an ultra-efficient mechanism and a team of talented scientists and engineers using advanced innovative technologies in the field of commercialization of deep space and near-Earth space. We are developing the concept of a new launch vehicle that will be able to deliver cargo and equipment to the main asteroid belt area. When developing the concept and prototype, emphasis was placed on the fact that the use of this missile system was commercially profitable and reasonable from the point of view of the impact of these technologies on the environment.

Portable mining systems

The carrier rocket will be able to deliver mobile mining systems equipped with autonomous energy sources of radioisotope reactors to the main asteroid belt


for orbital transportation of materials

Space unmanned shuttles, controlled by artificial intelligence with elements of augmented reality and connected like small train of 3-4 shuttles, will transport ore, minerals and rare metals extracted from asteroids to Lunar orbital complexes or directly to Earth orbit, with subsequent delivery of goods to consumers. Special emphasis is placed on the creation of autonomous control systems that are able to work effectively in conditions of signal delays, due to the great distance of the shuttles from the control centers located on the Ground.