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Proprietary technologies

Jet ECO-engines

Xelius has its own technologies for the production of jet engines of various applications, which use hydrogen as a working fluid, and oxygen as an oxidizer.

Nuclear engines

We are the company that has developed unique technologies that allow us to create systems and complexes that work like nuclear jet engines and in which the energy of fission or fusion of nuclei is used to create jet propulsion.

Pulse detonation engines

Xelius has a technology for the production of detonation engines. This technology allows, due to its operating principle, to significantly increase power, reduce fuel consumption and engine weight, which makes it more efficient in commercial use.

Nanosatellites and

Development of nanosatellite systems with an expanded range of applications and the possibility of creating a highly intelligent swarm of satellites to perform tasks of any orientation.

Development of aerospace

Contracts for the supply of high-tech technologies to order, with specified characteristics and pre-modeled capabilities within the capabilities of Xelius. Achieving the most positive result.